Empowering Women Through Fashion

Walk through life like it’s your runway show


Model For Models is a workshop-based platform for women. Our services come in different shapes and sizes: we offer personal coaching, workshops and interactive talks for models and young women. We inspire you to embrace your individual beauty and to build your self-confidence and self-reliance.

How? We help you practice skills from classic modelling techniques - like catwalk and posing, and incorporate theatre inspired exercises. We mix that up with lessons on social media, basic health, and money management.

We enable you to transform your vulnerabilities into strengths. We help you reshape your mindset by confronting your (sometimes negative) thinking patterns and by changing your perspective. As a result, you will find that your feelings of inner resistance, fear, anxiety and low self-esteem will no longer have a seat at the table.

So grab your high heels and start your journey from the catwalk to self-care.

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Beauty means recognizing your authentic power and having the courage to show it.




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With the right guidance you will be unstoppable


Did you know that throughout their whole lives women continue to feel insecure because of pictures of ‘perfect’ women in magazines?

Particularly Dutch women are extremely critical of their image and feel pressured to look flawless. No wonder becoming a model, which is often associated with beauty, success, and happiness, is the ultimate goal for a huge group of young women. But trust us, it’s not an easy job!

Model For Models focuses on your inner strength and self-worth while working on your personal growth and development. Whether your goal is to become a model, to continue modelling or to be that fierce boss lady you always imagined to be - Model For Models is here for you! We’ll help you fix that crown and walk through life maJESStically.


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